Selling Techniques – #1

Selling Techniques – #1
A taste of the powerful selling techniques unlocked in this book

To give you an idea of the power contained within this book, and just how accessible it makes learning new selling techniques, let’s use an example explained on page 8 of this book. Imagine that each of the three salespeople below has taken a prospective client out to lunch. Each is trying to make a sale. Each has read this book and is working on their selling skills, but only one is successfully targeting emotions. (Yes, emotional marketing techniques are just as important to selling in person as they are to selling in print and, of course, selling on-line.)

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Selling TechniquesSee if you can spot the seller who has used one of the most important sales techniques and is going to seal the deal:

Seller A “I guess it’s a little crazy to talk about losing weight and health clubs when we are sat here at Café Glutton. But you know, after we finish here, if you have any time left, you really should come over to Club Widget and let me give you a tour. We offer a lot of equipment and even though you have to work pretty hard, the results…although they’re not guaranteed…can be really amazing.”

Seller BI couldn’t help but notice that you changed your order from a Swiss cheese burger to a naked burger. You’re smart to be watching your diet and health. More and more people who I see at my health club are cutting down on dairy for heart health. In fact, I think one of the reasons Club Widget has gained so many new members is that people realise how important it is to exercise if you don’t want to have coronary problems. If we have any discounted memberships still available from our last promotional, this would be the best time ever to join.”

Seller C “Thanks for meeting with me over lunch. We’ve been so busy trying to bring Club Widget back from the edge of collapse that the only time I have a chance to eat is when I meet with someone like you. I don’t want to get into the gory details of what’s going on. Our priority right now is bringing in as many new members as we can as fast as we can, but I can tell you that we’re offering some really deep discounts in our 12-month membership prices.”

Sales Techniques

Who do you think is most likely to close the deal? Who has the best selling skills?


Of course…it’s Seller B!


Seller C was on the right psychological track…a reasonable display of selling techniques. She was building trust – by admitting that the club was in trouble and is working aggressively to become successful.

However, by refusing to be upfront and explain exactly what had gone wrong at the club, Seller C accomplished the complete opposite of her goal: a loss of trust.

Seller C’s potential club member became worried that Club Widget had failed a hygiene inspection, was having problems with its equipment, or maybe was going to close before the year was out. That meant that joining was a bad idea.


No sale.


As for Seller A…well, let’s leave that poor, misguided, soon-to-be-out-of-business soul to her sorrowful end. This is a poor example of selling skills. Everything about her presentation pushes the prospective client away. This really isn’t the right moment…the solution I’m offering is hard…there’s no guarantee that you’ll be satisfied – all very poor sales techniques.

That’s no way to make a prospective client feel good about doing business with you!

Selling Skills

Exploit 22 Triggers That Compel People To Spend



This is a short extract from our book “Exploit 22 Triggers that Compel People to Spend” and we hope it has prompted you to think about the way you sell…your sales techniques.

Buying this book is a great way of brushing up on your sales skills and reminding yourself about some of the selling techniques you may have forgotten.



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You have benefited from your decision to take action and improve your sales techniques.  Thanks also for your testimonials, we’ll be uploading them shortly.  We’re pleased to hear how your sales techniques and selling skills have improved.

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This book on emotional triggers and sales techniques is from Business Accelerator; a trading name of Virtuoso Limited.

We hope you enjoy learning about emotional triggers and sales techniques – they are important selling skills.  To return to our Business Book Store click here.



  1. Simply want to say your articles are great, really clear and easy to engage with and understand. I’ll be keeping an eye out for your video emails in the future. Thanks you a million.

    • Thanks Victoria – much appreciated.


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