Selling Techniques – #2

Selling Techniques – #2
Compelling Selling Skills

Here is another extract from our popular business book “Exploit 22 Triggers that Compel People to Spend”.

This section, which appears on page 33 of the book, describes one of the key reasons that people decide to buy, from a detailed list of twenty reasons. This is a great reminder of one of the key sales techniques we all need to have as part of our toolkit.

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The “Oops, I Did It Again” Trigger

I know you. You want to look good, so you figure it’s better to be mysterious about what goes on “behind closed doors” at your business. But perhaps you should take a tip from Britney Spears, the original “I did it again” girl.

Britney may not know much about sales techniques, but she sure knows that admitting a mistake makes you human and trustworthy. As a matter of fact, telling people the REASON why you’re doing something is one of the most powerful influencers of human behaviour and is one of the key selling techniques we should all remember.

Selling Technique from Business AcceletatorLet’s face it…if you’re making a special offer — a 50%-off tyre sale, a “Buy one, get one free” shoe deal, or a year of complimentary pool cleaning — nobody thinks you’re doing it just because you’re Mr. Good Guy or Ms. Sweetie Pie.

In fact, your generosity is likely to make people suspicious. “That low-cost DVD player is probably a returned model they’ll say to themselves. Or “I bet that early-bird-special-until-midnight diner is filthy behind the scenes.”

If you don’t tell people what’s going on, they’ll make up stories in their head and chances are they won’t be flattering to you or your offer. Again, don’t take it personally, it’s just human nature — after decades of false advertising and very poor selling skills.

Let the Sun Shine In

The happy and sad face of sales techniques

Keep it genuine…

Instead of trying to cover up the truth or put a happy face on your sad story…let people pull back the curtain and take a long, hard look at you and your company. This really is one of the most effective sales techniques…ever!

You don’t have anything to hide…so don’t act as though you do!

Let’s say August is traditionally your worst time to make sales and you’re desperate to increase your business during this period to help your cash flow. Make a special, limited time offer.

Don’t be coy. Offer a special discount or freebie and say you’re doing so because it’s your “slow time” and you need to pay your staff anyway. Remember…honesty is one of the best sales techniques.

● The Order Department Fouled Up – Our customers wanted the Widget X25 mountain bike, but Dennis in our ordering department ordered the X26 and now we’re over-stocked.

● Where There’s Smoke, There’s A Sale – The fire in our warehouse damaged a lot of our merchandise, so we’re selling the good stuff for less to help us re-stock.

● Around-the-World in 80 Days Sale – I’m lowering my rates to raise cash to send my parents on an around the world cruise for their 50th anniversary.

I know this probably goes against every grain of business sense and many of the sales techniques you have learned in the past, but I promise if you give people a good, believable reason why you’re doing what you’re doing, they’ll love you for it. If you open up, they will, too — with open arms…and open wallets

This is a short extract from our book “Exploit 22 Triggers that Compel People to Spend” and we hope it has prompted you to think about the way you sell. Buying this book is a great way of brushing up on your sales skills and reminding yourself about some of the selling techniques you may have forgotten.


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You have benefited from your decision to take action and improve your sales techniques.  Thanks also for your testimonials, we’ll be uploading them shortly.  We’re pleased to hear how your sales techniques and selling skills have improved.

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Selling Skills

Exploit 22 Triggers That Compel People To Spend

We hope you enjoy learning about emotional triggers – one of the most important selling skills.

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This book on emotional sales techniques is from Business Accelerator; a trading name of Virtuoso Limited.

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