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Phillip Gibbs

Phil Gibbs – Founder

At Business Accelerator, we pride ourselves in being 100% clear on what you, our clients, can expect from us.

We are straightforward business people who have being making money online since 2008. We offer eCommerce Business Mentoring Services, eCommerce Training Resources, eCommerce Website Strategy Planning and eCommerce Website Design to our clients helping them define, implement and grow their business online.

Our aim is for you know exactly what you are buying, exactly how your business will benefit and what it will cost. This gives you the chance to make sure you invest your budget in the areas that will generate the best returns for your business.

Take a look around our site using the top navigation bar to scroll between our services. If there is anything you are not sure about, or you would like some advice around establishing the priorities for your business, please drop us a line via our Contact page or Click Here to book a Business Lunch with us.

Why we’re unique

At present, there are many companies who will build a website for you, unfortunately most have very little interest in ensuring it’s an integral, profit generating part of your business.  There are also many coaches who will teach you traditional business growth strategies, marketing techniques and, of course, how to use the various Social Media platforms.

The problem here is all of these offerings are in isolation and therefore, not focussed on growing the business unit as a whole.

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I founded Business Accelerator to offer SME’s a single solution…

We see your product strategy; website strategy; marketing, PR  and social media strategy; resource strategy and financial plans as an integral and vital part of your business with each section integrally linked to each other. Therefore, successful growth planning requires both individual areas of focus and an overall understanding of how plans impact each other.

Growing a business has never been easier than it is today.

With so many technologies at our finger tips, freelancers willing to help, direct access to customers via social platforms and the ability to react immediately to changes the world is a tiny place immediately accessible to all. Therefore, we firmly believe that an integrated website is as vital to your business success as, say having a way of delivering your product, service or having an invoicing system.

How we help you build your business:

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At Business Accelerator our approach is to build your eCommerce strategy with you ensuring that your website is an integral and profitable part of your business.  We focus on using your “customer journey” combined with our eCommerce and online marketing experience to construct your strategy.  In turn this drives prospective customers into buying customers who will spend more money with you…more often.

This style of small business advice is the only way to build your business so it is measurable and under your control.

We are also proud to be working with the Growth Accelerator programme which matches government funding of up to £3,500 with ambitious businesses to help them achieve their goals.

Here’s to your success.

Phillip Gibbs, Founder – Business Accelerator

Business Accelerator is a trading name of Business Accelerator (UK) Limited and a member of the Virtuoso Group of Companies

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