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“Imagine… introducing just 1 person a week generates you an extra £2,871.68* across a year.”


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Hello, welcome to the Business Accelerator Affiliate Programme. The Business Accelerator Affiliate Programme is a powerful way for you to generate additional income by simply introducing people to the Business Accelerator website.  Think about the people you already know who would benefit from proven small business advice… For example:-

  • the people you are already talking to daily
  • the people you’re already emailing
  • the people who already visit your own website

As successful business owners ourselves we’ve learnt the importance of having multiple income streams.  By joining our Affiliate Programme you can benefit directly by introducing your clients, contacts, friends and colleagues, enabling them to grow their businesses online and develop their online marketing strategy. Business Accelerator - Affiliate How It Works Diagram

Simply copy and paste the tools we’ve developed…

We have pre-built all the promotional tools you’ll ever need to promote Business Accelerator to your clients, colleagues and website visitors. They are already loaded into our Affiliate Platform and ready and waiting for you to simply copy and paste.

Whether you’re thinking of sending a ‘special announcement’ email, that we’ve already written for you, to your database, or you’re thinking of simply popping one of our professionally designed banners on your website or loading it as an email footer, we’ve got it all covered for you.  Our most successful affiliates tend to use a couple of these techniques each month to generate their commission payments as people take up our proven small business advice.

What commission level do you pay…?

We pay a sales commission of 33% on all sales generated by our affiliate programme members.  This includes individual product sales from our small business advice and online marketing strategy business book store along with membership subscription sales. Excitingly, the member subscription sales also carry the added benefit of generating recurring commission payments as we also pay commissions for the monthly membership fee.

Don’t panic Mr Mainwaring…it’s all automatically tracked by our industry leading software…

As a member of our Affiliate Programme you’ll have access to your account reports and all our promotional material 24 hours a day 7 days a week. You’ll be able to log in at any time to check your account status, current monthly earnings, next payment date; whenever you wish.

Our tracking software runs for a generous 60 day period. This means that if someone returns to our site 59 days after they first visited from your link you will still receive your commission payment against the value of their purchase.  Now…we can’t be more generous than that…!

How you get paid…

We use PayPal (the worlds largest on-line payment processor) to process all payments and we also use PayPal to forward your payments.  We send out all commission payments on the first Monday of the following month. As you earn commissions from sales during this month we’ll add them to your on-line account.  At the end of the month we’ll run a total on your account and transfer your commission earnings to you on the first Monday of next month.

Please check the Business Accelerator Affiliate Terms and Conditions before proceeding with your application.

I’m ready to sign up…JOIN NOW

As part of our Affiliate Programme we will be distributing information about updates to the website, affiliate scheme, products updates and other promotional material by email. By joining the programme you are agreeing to receive these emails. We will never pass on, or exchange your details to any third parties.

Business Accelerator Affiliate Marketing Creates Winners

“We both end up winning…!”

* = Earnings Calculation is based on 33% of an annual Business Accelerator membership priced at £97.00 plus 11 monthly payments of £12.49.  This generates a total affiliate commission of £77.33 across the year broken down in to an initial payment of £32.01 for the membership fee and, 11 instalments of £4.12 each month for their membership.  The membership term is not limited to a 12 month period and commission payments will continue for the complete term of the membership.  Therefore, earnings per introduced member could be higher than stated in this example.

The Business Accelerator Affiliate Programme was created by Virtuoso LimitedOn-line Business Specialists

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