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We are focused 100% on helping companies to grow their business, whilst maintaining a light and nimble approach ensuring they can out manoeuvre competitors and maximise profits.

We believe firmly in the current philosophy stated by many experienced business people that from now on businesses that adopt a modern approach engaging tactics such as an eCommerce strategy, building an outsourcing team and using digital marketing techniques to engage with new and current customers will build a sustainable long-term business. Those businesses that ignore this modern approach will find growth harder and slower to create…if they create it at all.

Just look at the migration of companies like Argos, Next and John Lewis from the High Street and Shopping Centres to enhancing their on-line presence.  In fact John Lewis now turnover more money on-line than via their retail stores. It’s a sign of things to come whether we like it or not.

How we can help you grow your business

Business Accelerator offers a number of elements to help you, the business owner, take advantage of these modern techniques. One of the benefits of the digital world is that many of these elements are very low cost. In fact, compared with the cost of opening a new retail outlet or regional office the costs are insignificant.

Given that we are all operating in the digital world (whether we like it or not), our solutions invariably include helping clients develop their own modern business strategy ensuring they understand and utilise all available options. Talking about strategy always brings this quote to mind:

“Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?” “That depends a good deal on where you want to get to.” “I don’t much care where –” “Then it doesn’t matter which way you go.” ― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

We are not saying that all our clients are at this stage but it is crucial that any business plans its strategy carefully and sensibly whilst ensuring it opens its horizons, challenges traditional techniques and builds a modern plan that achieves the desired results as quickly as possible, with as lower cost base as possible.

This is where our modern Business Mentoring service kicks into action.

On completing your Business Mentoring here are just a few of the benefits which will be recorded in your bespoke report.

Your bespoke Business Plan which will detail what you are setting out to achieve for your business, with measures so you will know when you have got there. It all starts with defining who your business is targeting and how you expect to engage with them.

From building a variety of businesses in different sectors, we know that there are distinct steps that potential customers need to understand before investing. As an example, it is not realistic to expect a potential customer, who is not familiar with you or your business, to immediately engage in discussions for a higher ticket product or service.

This may sound obvious but we have seen businesses try to do this all to often. These days successful businesses engage with potential customers first sharing helpful advice and guidance, and then walk them through a series of steps so that he/she is highly likely to buy your product/services. This element alone is probably the most powerful aspect of how to grow a modern business.

We are also experienced at helping business owners define actually who their ideal customers really are. From a usual starting point of “everybody should want this product/service,” we get you to your precise definition of the prospective purchasers your business is setting out to serve. Often there will be two or three distinct groups of potential buyers, which is fine. It is much more effective to cater for three distinct sectors than it is to be “all things to all people”.

These are just a couple of the aspects that you will need to think through in order to build an effective modern business strategy. Of course, there are many more we can discuss this at our first meeting.

Our Business Mentoring programme typically takes a six two hour meetings to achieve the level of detail that is necessary to make sure you have all the information you need to accelerate in the right direction.

Many of our clients comment that their investment in the Business Mentoring programme was money and time very well spent creating a focussed and optimised growth plan.

Which of our focussed programmes is right for you?

Business Mentoring

Start Up Incubator
  • Specifically designed to focus on overcoming the challenges faced during the first 24 months of trading. This programme ensures you build a solid foundation and avoid costly mistakes.
  • Term:- 6 month programme.

Business Mentoring

Kick Start 90
  • Carefully developed and refined from years of experience. Kick Start runs through a 90 day programme proven to highlight growth opportunities and implement changes whilst ensuring focus and accountability.
  • Term:- 3 month programme.

Non Executive Director

Annual Support and Guidance
  • Designed to support more mature businesses and their Board of Directors by bringing valuable eCommerce experience to enhance strategic growth planning decisions.
  • Term:- 12 month running programme.

Claim your £3,500 grant…

For the next three years, there is a Government scheme called Growth Accelerator.

Funding has been provided to help ambitious businesses grow and employ more people, hence reducing unemployment and stimulating the economy. If eligible, Growth Accelerator will fund up to £3,500 worth of coaching for your business.

We are delighted to be working with the Growth Accelerator team and to be able to offer you access to our Business Mentoring as part of this programme. We are happy to introduce you to your local Growth Accelerator Manager to determine whether this scheme is suitable for your business.

If you are interested in taking advantage of Growth Accelerator, get in touch and we will introduce you to the appropriate Growth Accelerator Manager to complete your application.

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