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Business Accelerator – eCommerce Website Design

We will help you define your eCommerce strategy and build a powerful eCommerce website.  We might even be able to introduce you to the Growth Accelerator programme to help off-set the cost!

It’s a sad fact that many companies today find themselves with a dormant website that adds little or no value to the bottom line profits. Often they are unable to update their website and make simple changes and, as a result, the website is nothing more than an online ‘brochure’ that never generates a new lead let alone a sale!

We’ll help you define your strategy first and then we’ll look at your website design.

As a first step, we will meet with you to understand your business and run you through the fundamental aspects required to successfully integrate an eCommerce website within your business. At this first meeting it’s all about understanding your business, it’s customer demographic and how best to engage new hot leads online. Once we’ve mapped your strategy out we will discuss your eCommerce website design, the layout, the style and agree on your typical customer and their journey through your website.

This is where we are different. For us each project is about delivering a great website that engages potential customers, builds rapport, adds value to its visitors, generates and qualifies new leads, closes sales and builds customer loyalty. It’s not just about fancy graphics and technical wizardry.

Taking all this information, we will build you a dynamic interactive website that will not only represent your business at the highest level, but it will also:-

  • Engage with visitors
  • Capture qualified prospects
  • Generate sales by offering visitors your entry level products or services automatically delivered online
  • Present you as an ‘expert’ within your sector, the person/people to deal with…
  • Encourage visitors to engage with you on Social Media and build rapport developing trust
  • to mention just a few…

Your website will be optimised for Google page 1 ranking and hosted on our optimised and fully backed-up platform.  The first years hosting is offered for free within your Business Accelerator package.

Our approach to eCommerce Website Design

The fundamental philosophy of our approach is that “you are in charge”.  At Business Accelerator, we don’t agree with the approach of some web design companies that regard web design as a black art and charge you for every minor change.

The advantage of the tools we will make available to you is that you, or a member of your team, will be perfectly capable of doing updates with a little bit of patience and a small investment of time.  You will also have access, via our website, to a comprehensive ever-expanding library of support material and training videos covering every topic you’ll ever need.

Additionally, you will be offered a unique discount code to access our training resources.  These training resources will take you through many aspects of eCommerce, online marketing and business growth techniques completely relevant to business in today’s fast-pace marketplace.

Your investment

Now to outline the investment that you will need to make in order to set up your website and make it work for your business. We offer the following options.

Under all options we will build your website, to your chosen specification (colour, layout etc).  Which will include:-

Lead Generation Website

From £1,497
  • Ideal for businesses which predominantly sell information and expertise as a service.

Product Sales Website - I

From £1,997
  • Ideal for businesses looking to start retailing products online.

Product Sales Website - II

From £2,497
  • Ideal for businesses already retailing online and looking to redesign and grow sales.

Commissioning Terms

We split your investment in to two payments. The first payment of 50% is payable when you decide to go ahead; with the remaining 50% payment falling due once you are happy with the site and it’s launched.

Annual Hosting

Your first year is free of charge. Subsequent years are charged at £48 per year. Please note; whilst we aim to make this very competitive, you are, of course free to transfer to another hosting provider after the first year if you would like to.

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