Learn Entrepreneurial Skills with the E-Myth Revisited

Learn Entrepreneurial Skills with the E-Myth Revisited

Entrepreneurial skills are absolutely something that can be taught and here at Business Accelerator our founder, Phillip Gibbs, can often be heard preaching exactly that.

For some reason, there is a group of people out there who believe that entrepreneurial skills are in some way a gift certain people are born with. And if you’re not born with that gift it’s ‘game over’ for you, there’s simply no point trying to build your own business.

Now, for sure some people have a higher level of entrepreneurial talent than others but that’s true in many aspects of life. Some people have a natural ability to work with numbers, others with the written word. Some people learn to drive with only 10 lessons and pass their test first time while others take 100 lessons and don’t pass until their third test. Both can drive it’s just that one has to work harder at it than the other.

And that is true in business too.

If you’re looking to develop your entrepreneurial skills and build a super successful business of your own then reading the ‘Emyth’ will be an essential element to your success.

Within this great resource from Michael Gerber you’ll discover the key skills and tactics that every entrepreneur must learn, perfect and implement to create a super successful business.

Grab your copy now from Amazon…enjoy!

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