Twitter for Business

Twitter for Business

Welcome to our highly recommended FREE Twitter for business guide.

The contributors to this e-book include Duncan Bannatyne of Dragons Den fame and Shaa Wasmund of Smarta among many other people hugely experienced in the field of media communication.

When these people talk…we listen…

As they say in the introduction to this guide:
“This e-book is for everyone – whether you’ve never even heard of Twitter before, right through to those of you who are planning on naming your first child Tweetie. We’ll take you through everything from setting up an account to getting a social media agency, and all that’s in between. We’ve also chucked in a big list of all the very best apps and resources to make sure you get the absolute most out of Twitter for your business”

For those who are new to Twitter, this ebook will help you understand:

  • Why Twitter has become such big news
  • What Twitter is and how it works
  • How Twitter can help your business
  • How to set up your profile
  • Who to follow
  • Etiquette on Twitter

For the more experienced tweeter, learn more advanced strategies such as:

  • How to super-engage with your community
  • Using search to find new customers
  • Using Twitter for customer service
  • Becoming an indispensable resource for your industry
  • Getting your employees on Twitter
  • Measuring your success and developing a strategy
  • Determining whether you need a social media agency
Download this FREE guide, read it and implement the ideas within it as a matter of urgency…You’ll soon be taking advantage of Twitter to build your business at almost zero cost. Download here…

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