List Building and Data Capture Methods #2

List Building and Data Capture Methods #2
Once you’ve implemented these data collection methods and started building your list it’s time to switch your focus to engaging and converting visitor to buyers.

There’s nothing new when we say that people need confidence to buy a product or service.  Yet many businesses ignore the steps to building confidence when it comes to operating online.

One of the keys to successful eCommerce is building rapport, trust and confidence with your list.  These days social media is changing the ease of communication and has broken down all the old barriers when it comes to regular communication.  It’s one of the core reasons we’re in the ‘Entrepreneurial Revolution’.

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Top Two Ways to Profit from Your List:

Once you start growing your opt-in list, you’ll want to ensure it is profitable. There are many ways to go about doing this. You want to make sure all your hard work is for a good cause, so you have to find ways to profit from your list.

There are literally dozens of different methods you can employ to achieve results, but these two seem to work better than all others.

These top two ways to profit from your list are also the easiest, so let’s look at them:

Business Accelerator Trust

Build trust and loyalty

1. Build trust and loyalty among your customers. Your customers will not buy from you unless you are able to prove your worthiness. So, you have to spend notable time working to build their trust. You can do this many ways. You can join forums that talk about the products or service industry you have an interest in, and look for experts in your field to offer their advice and recommendations to your subscriber list.

Also, make sure your website is clear and offers your visitors relevant and important information they will find helpful during their journey. If you are practising affiliate marketing, and even if you are not, make sure you tested or tried any products you plan to sell so you can provide your subscribers honest reviews of them. This is the #1-way to build trust, and trust always leads to higher levels of sales.

You should also build a user-friendly website, one that has a navigation bar placed in a prominent location. Make sure you provide your customers with a Contact Us page and always respond to customer or visitor enquiries within 48 hours if this is possible. The sooner you get back with your visitors, the better reputation you will build.

When responding to customer’s that contact you through your website, make sure that you remind them to sign up for your free newsletter or report if they haven’t already, which will contain more information on the subject they are looking for. Don’t automatically assume they want to be subscribed to your newsletter just because they asked a question on the topic. Tell them what your newsletter/report offers, and how they can subscribe.

When you build trust and loyalty, your customers are also more likely to refer your business to their friends and their family. Some business owners incorporate a website page after the order page that allows the customer to input the names and emails of two or three of their friends that might also be interested in your products. This is another simple way to build your list. Make sure you provide them an incentive for checking you out, in the way of a free report, book or newsletter subscription.

Business Accelerator give them what they want

Where to place your website

2. Fulfil your subscriber’s needs. Everyone has needs. The whole point of doing business is to fulfil the needs of people looking for your product/services. Sounds obvious that we know but make sure you are operating your business the right way round. Be sure you’re not pedalling a product or service that YOU believe people should want…! If you want to make money selling a product or a service, you first have to find out how that product or service will fill your prospect’s needs. How will they benefit from the product or service you offer? Have other people benefited? If so; how and why? Providing your customers with this information will help you create a profitable opt-in list, one that will transform visitors into paying customers.

One of the simplest ways to tell your customers how you can fulfil their needs is by listing the ways you do this on your landing page, or on another prominent place on your website. Make sure you bullet each benefit and explain to the prospect exactly how you plan to serve them, and why your product or service is better than that of the competition.

The more content you provide, the more secure your customer will feel about their purchase. They are also more inclined to believe you are fulfilling a need they have.

That’s all for this week.  If your keen to discover more about building and profiting from your buyers list then our workbook “Boost Sales with these List Building Techniques” is crammed full of examples you can simply copy…it’s that easy.

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