List Building and Data Capture Methods #3

List Building and Data Capture Methods #3

How to get email addresses if you don’t already have data collection methods in place.

Should you buy a list to get started…?

In the interview video below Phillip Gibbs ‘The eCommerce Guy’ advises you on how to get started with your list building and data capture methods. Phillip also gives a very clear answer to the question above.

In the video Phillip refers to several companies you can use the help you with the business tools you’ll need. Phillip talks about surveying your customers using Survey Monkey; running newsletter campaigns on Mailchimp and AWeber and using YouTube and Talk Fusion Video Email to achieve even higher levels of engagement. Links to all of these highly recommended service providers can be found at the bottom of this article.

Watch the video below to learn how you can simply copy these powerful and proven techniques…

Watch the video…

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How to get started building your list plus a complete review of all the tips we’ve covered:

Let’s start by looking at some things you should avoid when trying to build your list.

List Building No No’s

There are certain things you should never do when trying to build your list. The #1 mistake list builders make is buying bulk emails. Here’s a tip:

NEVER buy email addresses and send bulk email to people who have never heard of you

Whilst some ‘so called’ marketing experts might advise you to buy lists of email addresses and argue the point that “well you just need 1% to be interested”. Those that have tried and tested this approach will always advise you not to waste your money. Do not be sucked in by those offers of 100,000 email addresses for £175…they won’t generate you a penny.

Social Media and the ease of third party endorsements has completely raised the bar when it comes to engaging with companies we are likely to buy from. Over the last 5 years the game has completely changed and credible marketers have moved with the times.

While having thousands of subscribers in your business is obviously great, it isn’t great if you are getting your names from a bulk mailing list. Bulk companies capture their email addresses by using automatic tools, including robots on the internet.

If you buy the list, there is a very good chance you are buying a list of names of people that don’t want to receive advertising for the product you are offering. You risk being labelled a spammer. If no one asked to subscribe to your mailing list and you send them an email, what are you doing? You are spamming them.

Spamming people is the number one way to fail at building your subscriber list. Bulk mailing ads are useless. Avoid them at all costs, if you want to run a successful campaign.

Your targeted list needs to be built up customers who have:-

  • Bought from you
  • People who have enquired
  • People you have sent a quote to
  • People who have signed up for a free guide on your website
  • People who have asked a question on your website forum
  • People who follow you on Twitter
  • People who have ‘Liked’ and ‘Shared’ your Facebook page
  • People who are connected with you on LinkedIn
  • People who subscribe to your YouTube channel

These are the type of people that you want to have in your list.  People who have an active interest in buying what it is you have to offer. If you buy a bulk list, you run the risk of trying to sell a female hormonal cream to a man interested in sports gear. Not a good combination!

Now let’s look at another popular scam used on the web to pull new business owners in and trick them into spending their hard earned money on traffic and list building programs that will not work.

Guaranteed Traffic, Followers, Likes, Subscribers

Business Accelerator - Avoid these ads

Avoid these offers at all times!

Many new business owners are tempted by offers of “guaranteed” website traffic for a very low price. Or, “guaranteed” Twitter followers; Facebook likes or YouTube subscribers.  These days you can buy just about anything! Now, these companies may send 100,000 or more visitors to your website, or get 1,000 people to follow you on Twitter, or even get 500 to like your Facebook page.  All of which are completely and utterly useless to your business.

Why? Well lets look at the typical website traffic technique.  Traffic is generated by pop-up windows appearing on other websites. Your website is loaded into a pop up window. So, someone may be surfing the net and your website pops up below the site they are searching. They will keep the advert live until they have met thier target for you and then they’ll turn it off immediately. This results in sending out your website to thousands of un-targeted customers who won’t have searched for your product or service.  Always avoid these…

The key to success in list building is creating a list of TARGETED customers.

Targeted customers are customers that are most likely to be interested in buying your product. They have, in some way, offered their information and stated that they have an interest in a product. Let’s say you sell beauty products. You want a targeted list of consumers, mostly women, interested in buying beauty products on the internet.

P.S – Remember, in our workbook “Boost Sales with these List Building Secrets” we uncover numerous proven techniques to solidly and efficiently build your very own list of targeted customers.  Click on the link below to discover and implement these in your business today.

YOUR links to the valuable resources we highly recommend:-

Survey Monkey – a quick and easy to use online survey tool.  Best of all it’s FREE!

Mailchimp and AWeber – brilliant online software programmes that allow you to send your own professional email newsletters.  They also both incorporate subscription form software which allows you to build your own ‘sign up’ form for your website.

Talk Fusion Video Email – a highly engaging video message delivery system complete with your own subscription form software which allows you to build your own ‘sign up’ form for your website. 

Business Accelerator eBook Cover - Boost Sales with these List Building Secrets and Data Capture Methods

Boost Sales With These List Building Secrets

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