Avoid these Pitfalls

Avoid these Pitfalls

As a “thank you” for visiting Business Accelerator, we have outlined some of the more common mistakes we see when initially evaluating our clients sites, prior to renovating them. These will help you evaluate your website.

Now, we’re sure your sites aren’t guilty of any of these errors but if they are, feel free to rectify them…we’ll never know…!

Here are 4 of the most common mistakes we see …

Websites doesn’t have the business address on your “contact us” page.

Many research studies have proved conclusively that people are highly unlikely to trust a business that does not have a “bricks and mortar” address.  If they don’t trust you, they won’t do business with you. If your website analytics show that people spend quite a lot of time on your site but do not contact you, this aspect will be worth changing.  If you work from home and don’t want to share your personal address then it is well worth renting an address from a local business centre as a virtual office.  As we tell Business Accelerator clients, people won’t write to you but they will do business with you when they know you’re real!

Customers can’t find the business! If people need to visit your business, if you run a restaurant/pub or retail outlet for example, then make it really easy for people to get directions to you.  Yes, many people have sat-nav now and a postcode will be sufficient. However, lots of people still prefer good old fashioned directions.  A simple map along with written instructions that are easily printed off will be most appreciated by a lot of people. Tell people where they can park. Tell people where the nearest bus and train station is and give directions from it to your premises. At Business Accelerator, we have come across many sites for hotels and restaurants where the directions are hidden away in the footer of the site…not too helpful and just down right stupid.
The previous point can be an indication that the person who designed the site has not done so from the point of view of the prospective customer.  At Business Accelerator, we always ask clients about their customers and what their site sets out to achieve.  So, our advice is to think about who will be visiting their site and what will they want to do.  Please don’t make the mistake of designing your site for “everybody.”  You’ll end up selling to “nobody.” Be specific…if your have several groups of customers, design pages and sales copy that will appeal to each of them and direct them through your site accordingly.
You don’t know how many people are visiting your site and are not collecting their details. It is vital that you know how many people are visiting your site so you can evaluate conversion rates and so on. It is also vital that you collect the details of people who have visited your site. They are interested enough in what you are offering to spend time looking at your products or services. Even if they leave without purchasing something, they are warm leads and worth following up with special offers in the future.

At Business Accelerator, we have simple ways of installing software to monitor your visitors and collect their details.

If you are interested in these aspects, drop us an email to support@businessaccelerator.org.uk and we will tell you how to do it.

These are just a selection of the common faults we come across at Business Accelerator. For a more comprehensive list, have a look at our FREE website evaluation.  Set aside around 14 minutes and determine how effective your website is.

At the end of this evaluation from Business Accelerator, you’ll know whether your site is a nice add-on or

“an integral part of your business”.

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