Online Article Marketing Techniques #2

Online Article Marketing Techniques #2
Online Article Marketing Techniques – Valuable marketing ideas for small businesses

Here is another valuable extract from our popular eCommerce Workbook “Discover these Powerful Article Marketing Techniques”.

In this workbook, you will find many ways to make your copy more compelling to your readers. It is always worth keeping in mind that your articles have two audiences. There are the all important search engines and we focused on getting noticed by them in the last post. In this week’s post, we are focusing on the other part of your audience, the readers (and potential buyers) of your articles.

In this section, you will discover the power of headlines and how to structure your copy so that people keep reading, become engaged with what you are offering and take action…and that action leads to sales for your business.

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Using Keywords to Position Your Articles – one of the essential marketing techniques
Marketing Techniques

Creating Interest

Creating Interest and Desire…of course, if your article is exactly what someone was searching for, then your problem is solved. However, if it isn’t, then it is going to have to create the sort of interest that will keep a reader reading from start to finish.  If we push that a little further, it might even start to get them excited about what your product or service can offer them.

Great articles evoke a state change in the reader…this is what you’ll be able to create when you’ve picked up these secrets.  Article Marketing will then quickly become one of your most powerful marketing techniques.

Truth is, there are no hard and fast rules about creating interest, but basically, if you give a reader content that is appealing to them, they’re probably going to stick around.

In short, the article body should provide something of value, whether in terms of advice, general information, or even ‘secrets’. Otherwise, it should at least hint at any other benefits that will be obtained by reading the article.

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Do your articles evoke a feeling of desire for your product or service?

Taking care of both these aspects as far as the article body is concerned will put you off to a great start. Still, there is one very important rule to the article body…

Important Note: Never conclude your article with the link to your site.  The link to your site should appear a couple of times through the article, around a 1/3 and 2/3’s of the way through the content.  Ensure that you have built desire in the readers mind just before you talk about the link to your site.

During the video we talked about a piece of software we use nearly every day to help us create compelling headline and sub headers to use within our articles.  It’s called Headline Creator Pro and we’ve arrange a special introduction to the software for you here…once you’ve used this software you’ll wonder how you managed before – Click here to claim your discounted copy.

These are just some of the many essential online Article Marketing techniques you can take advantage of to grow your business.

Investing in this workbook is a great way of learning these incredibly powerful Article Marketing techniques. You’ll soon be accessing your hungry customers for zero marketing costs…with engaging articles that position you as ‘the person to buy from’.

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Discover the Power of Article Marketing


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This workbook on Article Marketing Techniques is from Business Accelerator; a trading name of Virtuoso Limited.

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