Online Article Marketing Techniques #3

Online Article Marketing Techniques #3
Online Article Marketing Techniques

Here is another valuable extract from our popular eCommerce Workbook “Discover these Powerful Article Marketing Techniques”.

In this workbook, you will learn precisely where to place your articles to appeal to the maximum number of readers and thus create the maximum number of customers for your business. We have covered how to make sure your articles use keywords to appeal to search engines and how to write such compelling copy that your readers have little choice but to read on and take action. We now focus on where to place your articles, which is one of the most important marketing techniques in your armoury.

We tell you the three levels of publications that will accept articles and how you need to tailor your articles for each particular audience to result in maximum impact. We go into detail on aspects such as the preferred length of articles to make it easy for the editors…and increase your chance of getting published.

Watch the video…

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Using Keywords to Position Your Articles – one of the essential marketing techniques
Final Action Plan for Success

Marketing TechniquesThis is what you should be doing every week. If you want to succeed, if you want to be the top article marketer you deserve to be, the kind of person we’ve been talking about all along.

If you’d like to broaden your product base and generate commission from selling other peoples ‘ready-made’ products, then simply follow this action plan every week and you will be well on your way to earning £50 to £100 a day within a month.

A lot of people come to talk to us about developing products for their own business. Whilst, for some, this is absolutely the correct route, the vast majority of business owners we talk to have no idea of the massive volume of ‘ready-made’ products you can sell as an affiliate and generate significant incomes from.

Did you know that you can enhance your business by selling associated products from John Lewis, Currys, Next, The AA, Boots, O2, Sky, M&S, Vodafone, B&Q, Dell, Dixons, BT and many more high street brands as well as thousands of other smaller companies?

As we said, if your answer was NO…you’re not alone!

Marketing TechniquesWe use a great tool to help us quickly and easily optimised our articles.  We’ve prepared a special offer for you.  Follow this link to immediately improve your SEO copy writing skills – Click Here  

These are just some of the many essential online Article Marketing techniques you can take advantage of to grow your business.

Investing in this workbook is a great way of learning these incredibly powerful Article Marketing techniques. You’ll soon be accessing your hungry customers for zero marketing costs…with engaging articles that position you as ‘the person to buy from’.


CONGRATULATIONS to those who purchased this book on article marketing techniques for only £7 before 11:15 on the 14th March and to those who purchased this book for £17 before 11:15 on the 21st March!

You have benefited from your decision to take action and improve your marketing techniques.  Thanks also for your testimonials, we’ll be uploading them shortly.  We’re pleased to hear about all your marketing ideas for Small Businesses.

For those of you who would like to purchase the book today you can claim your copy now by clicking the purchase button below.  The price has reverted to £27.  Remember, implementing just one of these marketing techniques will generate over ten times your investment.

Small Business Advice

Discover the Power of Article Marketing

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This workbook on Article Marketing Techniques is from Business Accelerator; a trading name of Virtuoso Limited.

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