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Here are a couple of case studies from clients of Business Accelerator. These help to demonstrate some of the benefits you will experience when we work with you, define your online marketing strategy and, help to build your business a revenue-generating website.

We’ll show you many more examples when we meet up where our small business advice and online marketing strategy have transformed businesses. In the meantime these two examples give you an flavour for the breadth of our offering.

They also demonstrate how vital it is to design your site with your client in mind. In fact, one of the first questions we will ask is “who is your target customer”? Be warned… if you reply “everybody” you may well receive some rather frank feedback!

The target audiences for these two examples are very different…

Case Study #1 – ME Symptoms

ME Symptoms

We have included this website as a case study because it illustrates how important it is to design and build a site to cater for the people who are going to use it.

Having met with Helen, we identified the key function of the site. It would be used by people suffering from ME in order to help them understand their symptoms and how they can overcome them. Helen was very clear that the people using her site needed it to be very clear because they could quickly become overloaded, either by too much information presented too quickly, or if the site appeared too “busy”.

Another important aspect Helen emphasised was that the colour of the site needed to be pastel because people suffering from ME would find bright vibrant colours too aggressive and difficult to cope with.

Business Accelerator presented Helen with her site, this is an extract of the reply we received:

“Thank you so much…you listened to what I wanted and the site is just as I imagined it, colour, design everything.  Your team really know what they’re doing.”

At the first meeting with a new client, we at Business Accelerator are very focused on finding out, who will be the customer of the business, what they are looking to do on the site and how the business will meet their needs. Our goal  is to ensure the site makes money from adding great value to their customers.

Before you meet with us to discuss how we can help your business grow, it would be useful for you to think through who are the customers you are setting out to serve? What are they arriving at your site expecting to do? What do they need?

Then, we can ensure your business has as targeted a site as Helen.

Looking forward to helping you grow your business on-line.

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Case Study #2 – Auto Enrolment Providers

Auto Enrolment Providers

Business Accelerator has recently completed a project for John Charles Personal Finance.  Their brief was quite simple.  “We need high quality leads for pension auto enrolment…that’s all!”

Without being unkind, when we finally found their current website we immediately identified the problem. Like many companies their current website is really just an ‘online credibility brochure’ at best.  It talks about how long the company has been established, how they work etc…all the usual features that are regularly included in these types of ‘brochure sites’.

So there’s the glaring problem…

Not only was it quite difficult to find, even when you spent time searching for it, but when you finally arrived all you discovered were the features of their business.  It was all a bit boring!

Small Business Advice TOP TIPcustomers buy benefits for them…they’re not really interested in the features of your business at all…”

Here’s an example of an error, we at  Business Accelerator see all the time:-

It’s very common for companies to display:- when they were founded; where their offices are based; how many team members they have; what products or services they offer etc.  All of which are, to be blunt, boring features.  Customers will never emotionally engage with these features.

Customers are always interested in the benefits they get from you, your company and your products. So instead, let’s suppose your website contained benefit driven emotionally engaging content.

For example:-“You can rely on us to help you avoid all the common pitfalls of x,y,z service.  We’ve helped 1,319 customers over the past 12 years who, just like you now, discovered this website and went on the follow the three simple steps on our XXX page, (insert a link).

Our service/product is easy to access via this site (insert link) or, if you’d prefer, you can visit us at a,b,c shop/office (insert link to map and contact details) where one of our professional team will ensure you avoid all the common mistakes and end up with your ideal x,y,z product/service.

Remember, you can view all our products/services and CLAIM YOUR personal DISCOUNT COUPON CODE by simply clicking here (insert link to products/service page with data-capture and call to action).”

After working with Business Accelerator, John Charles now benefit from 6 highly targeted engaging Lead Generation Sites which draw in quality leads each and every day…

You’ve read that right…

  • John Charles are now benefiting everyday from quality leads which are generated automatically from these sites.  We’ve helped John Charles create websites that answer the exact question that the searcher has typed into their search engine.
  • John Charles now offer carefully designed levels of FREE advice via these sites which ensures the readers are well engaged.
  • The sites then offer several call to actions and data-capture options to ensure a very high percentage of readers register an interest in talking further.

It’s time to grab a coffee, take 5 minutes and think about these 3 aspects of your online marketing strategy…

  1. How many people visit your website each and every month?  (If you don’t know, you can find this out for free just call Business Accelerator on 01865 600 505.)
  2. If you captured their contact details on auto-pilot and then automatically contacted them again with special offers or, simply to remind them of how great you are at your delivering your product or service, how much more cash profit could you create?
  3. When’s the last time your website generated a lead or sold a product?

If you are unhappy with the answers to these then let’s talk about how Business Accelerator can help you, simply click below…

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