Phil answers your questions on Online Article Marketing Techniques

Phil answers your questions on Online Article Marketing Techniques

We’ve been busy collating all your questions from our series on Online Marketing Techniques.  Thanks for those of you who dropped us a line, it’s always great to hear your thoughts and challenges and help you overcome them.

As there were quite a few we decided to interview Phil directly and put him to the test…!

The interview runs for 22 minutes and is crammed full valuable answers and some general small business advice too.

In the interview you’ll note that Phil makes a few references to other material and services.  Below we’ve listed links to these for your convenience.

Headline Creator Pro – helps you write great compelling headlines.

Survey Monkey – Marketing Techniques and Research – FREE easy to use online survey software.

Keyword Research – book your slot with us and discover what people are searching for to which your product or service is the answer?

We hope you enjoy the video.  Grab a coffee, a note pad, sit back and take it all in…

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Phillip Gibbs

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