22 Hot Buttons That Make Customers Spend Money Like Crazy – 3D Cover

22 Hot Buttons That Make Customers Spend Money Like Crazy

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If you are serious about building your sales, you need to use the strategies explained in this e-book.

Learn how to use the twin weapons of logic and emotion to convince your prospects to buy.

Most importantly… make sure you claim your copy of this great resource before your competitors do!

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Product Description

Right, let’s get down to business and describe what you will learn by reading this book.

Here is a sample of what we cover:

  • A reminder of the power of talking about benefits over features with clear examples so you can re-write your sales copy using persuasive benefit copy…right away.
  • How to adjust your focus from “me” to “you”. Sure, some people will be interested in your business but most are far more focused on that well-known radio station-WIIFM-what’s in it for me? In this guide, you are shown easy, step-by-step ways of changing your focus from messages about your business to messages about the customer. This one change is proven to increase your sales.
  • This book reviews the five key emotions that motivate people to buy: (fear of loss; desire for gain; desire for comfort; pride and desire for personal satisfaction) and goes into detailed ways of shaping your offer to take advantage of these emotions…and push your sales sky high.
  • Using this guide, you will quickly understand how people use logic to justify an emotional decision. Armed with this information, you will be able to link relevant facts about your product or service to the real way people make decisions. The result…much shorter sales cycle and more “yes” decisions.
  • You will learn the 9 basic needs of people in the 21st Century. The key to making sales is to demonstrate that your product meets any of these basic needs…The killer point, explained in this e-book, is to ensure your offering meets a combination of these needs. Your product is then, literally, irresistible; price is no longer an issue…the sale is made.
  • Does your copy turn apathy into interest and then interest into action? Using the techniques set out in this e-book will certainly ensure that. It is packed with specific examples of headlines which are laser-focused on appealing to the curiosity of your target audience. Adapt these headlines for your own prospects and watch your sales figures rise and rise.
  • This guide explains the “Law of Reciprocity” in a simple, sales-oriented way. It has the clear message that when you give a potential customer a free gift, you don’t expect a gift back…you expect business! More importantly, this section also explains why this approach works so effectively and how you can implement this powerful strategy in your business. It also explains a simple FREE way to increase the amount of money people spend with you, quoting one business that implemented this one strategy and increased its average sale from £240 to £408…and it didn’t cost a penny.

All this and much, much more is explained in this e-book in simple steps, enabling you to implement these ideas right away. As soon as you read a particular idea, implement it and watch your sales grow and grow.

Take action now and grab this great resource…

The information in the book will ensure you set yourself apart from the competition and get your prospects to buy…buy…buy. To boost your sales even more, we have included the following BONUS sections on the marketing topics most valuable to you:

Bonus #1 – 3 Killer Conversion Strategies

Bonus #2 – How to Market with Postcards

Bonus #3 – 104 Consumer Magnets

Bonus #4 – Meet the Release

ACT NOW to secure this great blueprint for your success:


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