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If you’re anything like us, then you’ll want to take every advantage possible to help you create your sales copy.

Phil says “I hate starting with a blank piece of paper. Even now, when I have written copy for tens of websites, this software is absolutely critical to my success. It helps me get over the hurdle of making a start. With this in front of me, my product USP’s on one side and my list of Emotional and Hypnotic trigger words on the other, I find that I can really crack on. I have written my most successful copy exactly this way. I’d be lost without it.”

Along with the amazing sales and cover letter examples contained in the Instant Sales Letters software we also highly recommend you take a look at our separate page on AIDA Headline Writing.  These two together are incredibly powerful and will drive sales into your business.

The cost of this software is only £60. This is a single charge and you can use this software to generate great copy for as many websites as you want.

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Here’s to your business success on-line.

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