Selling Techniques – #3

Selling Techniques – #3
Compelling Selling Techniques

Here is another extract from our popular business book “Exploit 22 Triggers that Compel People to Spend”.
This section appears in one of the four great bonuses that are included along with the book. All this information is designed to give you a wealth of sales techniques for you to use and boost your sales.

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Killer Conversation Strategy # 2. Repetition

Repetition and Sales Techniques

If a prospect doesn’t respond to your offer, do you say to yourself, “What’s the point of following up? If they didn’t buy immediately, they’re obviously not interested or they’re not really serious. Those types are just a waste of our time.”  No way… giving up is not the most valuable of your selling skills!

What are you thinking!!! There are a variety of reasons why prospects don’t buy from you initially and only one may be that they’re not interested in what you have to offer.

  • They may not be ready yet.
  • They may need more information.
  • They may still be researching other vendors.
  • They may have to save the money to make the purchase.
Maybe they’re just plain worn out from being “pitched” by people with poor selling techniques.

Thanks to the folks that developed “captive audience advertising,” you’ll see sales messages on petrol pumps, at the airport, at the supermarket and…in public toilets! That means there’s almost no time during the day when a consumer isn’t being sold something by someone, often with very poor selling skills.

In fact, according to some studies, the average consumer sees 3,000 marketing messages every day.

So what can you do? Is it possible for your message to compete with all that ‘noise’? Yes! The best way to get a consumer to tune out the competition is to turn up the volume of your offer.

And the way to do that is with frequency and a series of messages that arrive at strategically timed intervals.

Why “strategically timed”? There’s a fine line that separates frequent contact from annoying overkill. Sometimes on late-night TV, an advertiser will buy time and drop in the same 15-second spot at every commercial break during the program. By the 9th time you’ve heard the pitchman say, “Do you want to earn a million pounds?” you’re screaming “No” back at the screen and ready to take a vow of poverty.

Make sure that you vary your contact methods and your message so that you come down on the right side of the line.

This is a short extract from our book “Exploit 22 Triggers that Compel People to Spend” and we hope it has prompted you to think about your sales techniques. Buying this book, or any of our library of books, is a great way of brushing up on your selling skills and reminding yourself about some of the selling techniques you may have forgotten.

Selling Skills

Exploit 22 Triggers That Compel People To Spend

We hope you enjoy learning about emotional triggers – one of the most important selling skills. More importantly, we hope you are enjoying the benefits that putting these ideas into practice within your business will bring you. As we have said throughout this book, much of this material is “common sense”; you’ll reap the rewards when it becomes “common practice”…

While buying this book will certainly improve your selling skills, there is a much more cost effective way of taking advantage of  masses of information on all aspects of growing your business. By joining our business book club, you have access to all our books for a one off fee of £97 and a small monthly membership fee. Not only can you benefit from all the books currently available but you also benefit from all the new books as they are added to our store…and all new updates as we prove new techniques…for no additional cost.

We hope you enjoy learning about emotional triggers-one of the most important selling skills.  To return to our Business Book Store click here.

Click here to catch up with last week’s post about  “Exploit 22 Triggers that Compel People to Spend”.

This book on emotional sales techniques is from Business Accelerator; a trading name of Virtuoso Limited.

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