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So… who’s behind Setting Up A Business and how do I know they are any good…?

We consider it perfectly normal for people to ask this question.  Indeed, in our business, we hear this question quite a lot.

We feel the best way to answer is to let you read what clients, associates and current students have to say about us, our approach to business and the tips and techniques we use.

So please feel free to read through the comments below…

Dan Statham“Three sessions with Allan were enough to help me re-focus on those areas of greatest value to me professionally, and in turn personally. The structured process and guidance offered by Allan didn’t necessarily tell me anything I didn’t already know, but it did enable me to see the wood from the trees and plan the way forward in achievable, goal-orientated steps”.
Dan Statham, Director – MICE TMM

Louise Findlay-Wilson“Phil is a really savvy businessman who is also a delight to work with – a rare combination. On a personal level he has a real affinity with entrepreneurs and business owners – he understands what makes them tick. But most importantly, on a practical level, he has an immense amount of practical advice and exciting ideas to help them take their business to the next level. He follows through on his promises and always delivers.  Anyone who get’s the opportunity to work with Phil is lucky indeed.”
Louise Findlay-Wilson, Director – Energy PR Ltd and Creator PrPro Ltd
February 13, 2010

Susan Mannion“I really like the way you two have written the materials – the style you’ve adopted makes them enjoyable to read and really easy to engage with.”
Susan Mannion – Didcot
August 2, 2010

George Levvy“I have used Allan in two capacities. As a coach he has helped me to achieve major changes in my career and greater fulfilment in many aspects of my life. As a consultant his work with a large team of managers resulted in significant changes in their approach to their work and the contribution they made to the organisation. He is highly experienced, knowledgeable and skillful. A person of exceptional integrity.”
George Levvy, Chief Executive – MNDA.

Simon Fisher“A very professional event, well done. What an enlightening approach to how business can be done in this day and age. Very intriguing.”
Simon Fisher, Proprietor – Simon Fisher Letting & Management LLP

“Allan has been my coach in two very different organisations and through some extremely difficult times. He’s brilliant!”
Jane Burns, Director of Fundraising, YMCA.

Humphrey Bacchus“I hired Phil during early 2010 to help me apply for funding to develop Soma Healthcare. His knowledge is second to none, leaving no stone unturned, and we managed to finish the project and proposal ahead of time in order to meet a deadline which was moved forward. The application for funding was immediately successful. This is completely due to the rigorous and exciting approach that Phil employs. I am planning to work again with Phil on another project in 2011.”
Humphrey Bacchus, Founder – SOMA Heathcare
December 6, 2010

Adam Scott“Phil has helped me take my company to the next level by offering expert advice and innovative ideas. He is a great person to work with and his ability to think ‘outside the box’ makes his consultancy service truly invaluable. Thanks once again Phil.”
Adam Scott, Managing Director – Scott IT Solutions
March 25, 2010

“This is what business coaching should be. From the very first session Phil is focused on YOUR goals in YOUR business. He works completely in partnership with you and your team, and never relies on a formulaic approach. His coaching and mentoring comes directly from his own extensive experience in running multiple successful businesses. He never dwells on areas that you have nailed down, rather choosing to concentrate on the areas where progress can be made. He is focused on getting results as early as the first session you have with him, and yet every session is light hearted, varied, interesting and highly productive. I have no hesitation in recommending Phil to any business owner, of any business size. He has helped us make some very small shifts in our business that have had massive positive effects. I would urge anyone – whether you perceive yourself successful or not – to engage Phil’s services.”
Graham Iles, Director – Datasphere Computer Services Ltd
October 14, 2009

Cathy Dunbabin“Phil has strong business expertise which he is able to pass on to clients in an encouraging yet positive way. He inspires you to want more and supports your achievement of it. He is no push over …..”
Cathy Dunbabin, Assistant Director – BNI
March 7, 2010

“It hit me over the weekend, or should I say the penny dropped, at just how much you can make if you get the right market for a product.”
Helen Fetzer – Iffley, Oxford

“It is with great pleasure I write to thank you for the outstanding service you have provided Vilitas Office Solutions. When we first discussed the possibility of working together I had already been approached by several “one suit fits all” business coaches. – all of whom spend significant time justifying their very high prices by explaining that their “system” would pay for itself very quickly – but were unable to explain how this would happen within my business. What I needed was someone to not only to advise and guide the business forward and direct its growth, but more importantly to mentor and develop my skills as a business manager and owner. Through what has been a very exciting and very challenging time for both Vilitas, and myself personally you have been not only encouraging and supporting but also patient, allowing me the time to learn and understand while also ensuring the discipline to ensure things get done. While there is still more to do and more to learn (as you say – you don’t have to be bad to get better!) I wanted to thank you for helping put Vilitas and myself personally in a position to take advantage of the many opportunities available and to enjoy them!”
David Peirson, Managing Director – Vilitas Office Solutions Ltd
February 15, 2010

Lucy Harding“I am in the same BNI chapter as Phil Gibbs and he is a very active and well respected member. I have not had the opportunity to work with Phil, but would highly recommend him as a character of extreme integrity.”
Lucy Harding, Owner – Oxford Curtain Consultancy
February 15, 2010

Chris Hooton“We’ve been using Phillip’s business coaching for the last year. As Orchadis Media’s mantra is “marketing that generates sales”, we are very results focused. Since we started working with Phillip, our annual turnover has doubled and we have a much clearer view of “costs verses investment” and the profitability of our services for our own business, as well as for our clients!”
Chris Hooton, Proprietor – Orchadis Media
October 15, 2009

Alan Ballard“Phil has a great understanding on how to grow your business and outlines what you need to do to achieve these objectives”
Alan Ballard
February 12, 2010

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