Selling Techniques – #2

Selling Techniques – #2

Compelling Selling Skills Here is another extract from our popular business book “Exploit 22 Triggers that Compel People to Spend”. This section, which appears on page 33 of the book, describes one of the key reasons that people decide to buy, from a detailed list of...
Selling Techniques – #1

Selling Techniques – #1

A taste of the powerful selling techniques unlocked in this book To give you an idea of the power contained within this book, and just how accessible it makes learning new selling techniques, let’s use an example explained on page 8 of this book. Imagine that each of...

Write Copy That Puts Money In Your Bank

If you’re anything like us, then you’ll want to take every advantage possible to help you create your sales copy. Phil says “I hate starting with a blank piece of paper. Even now, when I have written copy for tens of websites, this software is absolutely critical to...

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